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Our products

Our small-batch artisan baked goods are based on real sourdough cultures and we strive to source and use the finest ingredients. Our flours are unbleached and unbromated. We only use raw and unrefined sugars. Our eggs come from our own free-range hens. We use organic whenever possible.

Artisan Sourdough Bread

Small-batch Sourdough Cupcakes

Sourdough Sugar Cookies

High-protein Sourdough Wraps


About us

Miss Alea is 9 years old and is a baker extraordinaire! Her love of baking has required me (her mom) to learn alongside her…and I’ve loved every minute of it!

In 2018, we got into sourdough bread-making because sourdough is healthier and easier to digest, and we couldn’t find real sourdough anywhere (the stuff at the store is fake). Baking fresh sourdough bread is wonderful, but there’s a fair amount of waste involved with maintaining a starter culture. That’s what gave us the idea to begin making other baked goods from the leftover starter!

After perfecting our small-batch sourdough recipes, Mini Me Bakery was born!