You are intuitive!

Congrats! Your results indicate that you have a solid relationship with your body and food! Sure, you may not love every little thing about your body and you may occasionally overeat…but you don’t allow these things to wreck your life! You are overall pretty happy with your body and appearance, and you have achieved a happy balance between healthy eating and indulgence. You eat a certain way and exercise for the health benefits…not necessarily because you want to look different or lose weight. You are also likely within 10 pounds of your ideal weight. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Not within 10 pounds of your ideal weight? Need help getting where you need to be? Scroll on down!


Everyone needs help sometimes!

Have weight to lose but don’t necessarily have a dysfunctional relationship with food and dieting? I can still help you! If you’d like to make some changes by making your health a priority – with weight loss as a happy side effect – my one-on-one coaching may be a good fit for you!

During one-on-one coaching you and I will dive deep into your current health, lifestyle, and habits to determine what changes will be most beneficial to meeting your goals. No foods will ever be off-limits and I’ll never force you to do exercise that you hate.

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In the mean time, try some of these basic tips to get yourself started on the journey to better health:

Drink 20 oz. of water as soon as you get out of bed every morning. Your cells and organs have just gone 8+ hours without water! Hydration is critical for proper cellular metabolism. That means your body cannot effectively burn fat if you are dehydrated! To make matters worse, being chronically dehydrated can lead to increased hunger, headaches, muscle cramps, and fatigue. So drink up!

Make a list of three healthy foods that you actually like. Start eating more of those! Many people fall off the healthy diet wagon because they try to eat foods that they just don’t like. Kale, anyone? If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Focus on healthy foods that you like and it won’t seem like such drudgery to make healthy eating a habit!

Get outside every morning. Sleep is critical for health and weight loss, but sleep disorders are at epidemic levels in modern society. Why? There are many reasons, but a big one is exposure to artificial light. Artificial light messes with the hormones that regulate the sleep/wake cycle. Getting outdoors for even 10 minutes in the morning can help to re-regulate your circadian rhythms!