Health and Nutrition Coaching Plans

$149.00 per month (3 month minimum commitment)

How many times have you heard that forming a new habit takes 21 days? Hence the plethora of 21-day programs on the market today. True, these programs can get you some FAST results, but at what price? How many people do you think actually maintain those results after the 21 days are up? Not many. If it was that easy and worked so well, we’d all be thin and there wouldn’t be much need for the thousands of programs being sold on the market today!

I completely understand what you’re going through! I’ve tried just about every “fix”, wrap, pill, powder, and potion on the market! Sometimes I experienced temporary success. Most of the time I was left fat, frustrated, and sometimes close to broke. I was constantly looking for the “silver bullet” and always convinced that this time was IT…the time I would be perfect and get the perfect body and the perfect life.

What was I missing? Balance, direction, and a realistic approach. An unhealthy lifestyle isn’t created overnight, and neither is a healthy one!

Quick fixes ultimately result in failure. Invest in yourself and you’ll find health and happiness!

My 3 to 6 month VIP coaching plans are what you’ve been searching for! Yes, it’s a BIG commitment, but science supports the theory that it takes at least three months — and probably six — to transform and transition to a new lifestyle. If you’re truly serious about transforming your life forever, this is your best investment option!

As your coach, I will guide and support you on your journey. We’ll work together to create a wellness plan that fits you, the individual. This is not the cookie-cutter approach to wellness!

What’s included:

  • Free initial health history and consult call – 45 minutes

  • One 60-minute coaching session per month and weekly 20-minute check-in calls (sessions may be conducted by phone, video conference, or in person for local clients)

  • Access to me via email, text, and phone

  • Simple healthy recipes

  • Cooking and food prep guidance

  • Mindful eating practices training

  • Printable handouts and resources that will help you reach your goals

  • Supplementation resources and recommendations

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Exercise plans and face to face training services can be added with a generous discount!

There is no better time than right now to transform your life!