diets not working? You are Not alone!

There are literally a thousand diet and workout programs on the market. (I’ve tried about 999 of them.) Most of them work for a short time – 6 months, maybe a year, if you’re lucky – but ultimately end in failure.

The stats are sobering. Ninety five percent of people who lose weight on a diet end up regaining what they lost within a year, with near 100% failure rate in five years.

In the 1950’s there were a handful of diets on the market. Today there are thousands and the diet industry pulls in a whopping $60 billion dollars every year!

With all of these diets and exercise programs to choose from – not to mention all of the FREE information available on the web – you’d think we ought to be the thinnest and healthiest generation that ever lived!

But we’re not. We’ve become a nation of heavy, unhealthy, body- and food-obsessed emotional eaters who continue to fall prey to the diet roller coaster in hopes that the next one will be “the one” that fixes us.

It won’t ever happen. Diets don't work. They haven't worked up to now and they never will. As long as you continue to trust someone else to tell you what, when, and how to eat, you will never learn to trust yourself enough to heal your relationship with food and your body.

You Were Born with an inner Wisdom

Let me ask you this: when you were a baby, did you ever once think: 

"Gosh, I should stop drinking this breast tastes really good...but I can feel my fat rolls getting bigger! Geez, why can't I just stop eating? I'm such a fat slob! (Sigh.) I've already overeaten, so I might as well just keep going now...back on the wagon on Monday. I better flail my arms and legs extra hard today to burn off these extra calories..."

No! Babies don’t think like that because they have an “inner wisdom” when it comes to eating! We are all born with this wisdom. As a baby, when you were hungry you cried until you were fed. When you weren’t hungry you refused the breast or bottle.

When you were a toddler, a carrot stick carried no more meaning or value than a slice of carrot cake. As a youngster, when you ate your favorite food, you enjoyed every bite with gusto: smearing it all over your face, making "Mmmmm!" sounds, and maybe even dancing while you ate!

It can be this way again! You still have the wisdom inside you!

It’s time to think outside the Diet box!

You can regain confidence with food and your body. You can re-learn the basic intrinsic gifts with which you were born. You can get back to a place where you:

  • Trust yourself and your body.

  • Re-learn hunger and fullness cues.

  • Can have "forbidden foods" in the house...and forget about them being there.

  • Can eat and enjoy favorite and "forbidden foods"...without fearing that you'll lose control and eat the entire bag/box/container/fridge.

  • Leave food on a plate because you want to, not because you feel like you must.

  • Stop bingeing on weekends.

  • Stop fearing hunger and food.

  • Learn to appreciate, love, and respect your body.

  • Reach your most natural and healthy weight.

My main passion and the goal for Kelly Bailey Wellness is to empower women to their best, happiest, healthiest selves by helping them rediscover a joyful relationship with food and their bodies.


"It's not about what you put in your mouth... it's about how you feel about what you put in your mouth."


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