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I have generally avoided selling products and supplements. At best I feel it is a conflict of interest, and at worst a stretch of my scope of practice. I will continue to avoid being a rep for any one brand or company. However, I get lots of questions about supplements, and I do take a few that I feel are important to my health routine! So why not let clients and followers see what products I personally use? 

I am an Amazon affiliate and I make a very small profit if you order through the links here...and you won't pay a dime extra!

So if you choose to order from these links, I thank you!

Beauty comes from within...literally! This is my favorite collagen supplement. It comes in handy little single-serve packets that I can easily toss in my purse or travel bag! I take 2 to 3 servings per day for joint health and beautiful skin!

Hydration is a top priority for a healthy body, but does your water contain all of the necessary minerals that actually allow your cells to absorb water properly? I use ConcenTrace Trace Mineral drops in my water. It provides a full spectrum of trace minerals that make water taste great and will boost your hydration and energy!

Digestive issues? Me too! Or I should I used to have digestive issues. I have a very specific routine for digestive health, and this product is so important. It has dramatically reduced my reflux, gas, and bloating associated with meals! I take a small amount - less than a teaspoon about 30 minutes prior to meals - and more after the meal if I’ve overeaten. It’s very strong-tasting, but it certainly helps get your digestive juices flowing!

I trust very few supplements that promise to make you “lean”. And none of them (not even this one) delivers if your diet isn’t on point! But I do like this metabolic support supplement because it contains researched-backed herbs in the correct ratios. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, it can help with blood glucose regulation and weight management…but it’s not a silver bullet!

Taking a multivitamin/multimineral supplement can help fill in any gaps that good nutrition might miss...but it's not easy to find a good one that you trust. This is the multi I use every day. I love Thorne Research products. They use independent third party testing to ensure potency and quality of ingredients.

When I need a quick and healthy snack, I turn to these spicy Sriracha meat bars! I always keep a few stashed in my purse or car, and they’re great for camping trips too!

Did you know that coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet? Seeing as Americans drink so much of it, coffee is also the #1 source of herbicides and pesticides in our diet! For this reason you should always choose organic coffee! This is my favorite whole-bean coffee product. I grind it in small amounts and use a French press - makes the best cup of coffee ever!

Get the jitters from regular coffee, but still want the benefits of all those antioxidants? It’s even more important to source decaf coffee properly! Most coffee beans are decaffeinated using chemicals. Yuck! I am sensitive to caffeine, so after one cup of the stuff above, I switch to this Hu brand decaf coffee.

Fun and Fitness-Inspired Christmas Gifts!

If I could choose just one piece of home gym equipment to give to all of my clients, it would be this one! The TRX home suspension trainer is an integral part of my practice, and it’s so versatile! You can get a full-body workout in a short amount of time. It’s also portable, so if you travel a lot, this is a wonderful way to stay fit!

Are you protecting your kiddo’s eyes when out in the great outdoors? We are an outdoor family to the max - we love to hike, camp, and travel to sunny places! My kiddo has extremely sensitive eyes, so sunglasses are a must. But we also lose them constantly! So we stick with relatively inexpensive pairs of sunglasses….but they absolutely must be polarized. This offers the greatest protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays!

I love a bathing suit with a bit of coverage for little girls…but still two pieces so they can easily get the bottoms off to use the bathroom! We are headed off on a post-holiday vacation, my daughter is growing like a weed and has outgrown all of her suits, AND she’s super into unicorns right now…so this will definitely be under our tree this year!

My little girl loves to put on makeup for pretend play. But did you know that most makeup contains chemicals known to disrupt hormones? Anything your little one puts on his/her skin gets soaked into the body. It’s so important to protect our little ones, so it’s totally worth it to spend the extra money on natural, organic, and well-made skin care products! My kiddo is definitely getting this for Christmas!

Need something to keep your kids active (and wear them out)? I bought a trampoline for my fitness studio and no one uses it more than my daughter! Bonus: bouncing gets lymph fluid moving, so it’s not only great exercise, but it’s awesome for their little bodies!