Lose Belly Fat NOW!!! Do this ONE thing!

Do this one exercise to get rid of stubborn belly fat! Bikini-ready abs in just two weeks! Six weeks to a six pack!

All you have to do is: take this supplement/use this wrap/purchase my exercise program/do this ONE exercise.

Have you heard these crazy claims before? Sound too good to be true?

You’re right, they are.


No amount of THIS...

....is going to help you if you're eating THIS:


Don’t get me wrong! I do abdominal exercises and so do all of my clients! 

Doing crunches, planks, and other abdominal exercises increases core strength, spinal stability, and overall athletic ability. You definitely want to do exercises that develop your core muscles!

Before we move on to tips for reducing belly fat to uncover those strong underlying muscles you've developed, here are a few of my favorite exercises that target the abs and core:


Crunches and other core work can certainly help you grow and develop the abdominal muscles, but these exercises won’t help you lose the belly fat covering them!

Generally speaking, no form of exercise is going to help you shed excessive amounts of body fat.

It’s what you’re doing (or not doing) in your kitchen that determines your level of health and body fat.

There she goes again putting health and fat loss in the same sentence. How come she always does that? Because if you focus on increasing your health first, the amount of body fat you are carrying will stabilize and come down naturally!

A few tips that will help you increase your health and naturally shed excess body fat around your waist:

  1. Add more leafy greens and colorful vegetables to your diet. These foods are high in nutrients and fiber and low in "store-able" calories.
  2. Add more lean protein. Studies conclusively demonstrate that eating lean animal protein reduces hunger and boosts metabolism.
  3. Ditch the bloat. Many people are carrying excess fat around their midsection due to poor diet, but when you add in bloat, it can make your belly look even bigger!
    1. Chew your food. When you eat like a heathen, you swallow excess air which can cause gas and bloating. In addition, chewing is the first step in proper digestion, making it easier for stomach acid and enzymes to break down food. Big chunks of food moving through the digestive system equals extra bloat!
    2. If eating veggies is new to you, eat them cooked and gradually increase the amounts you eat. Certain veggies, especially raw cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage, are known to cause GI issues in some people. As you add in more/new veggies, pay attention to which ones work well for your body.
    3. Add small amounts of fermented veggies to your diet every day. Fermented veggies are acidic, which helps with digestion. In addition, truly fermented foods like real kimchi and sauerkraut, contain valuable live bacteria that are good for us! I eat fermented veggies with both lunch and dinner every day!
    4. Replace table salt with sea salt, and try to consume less salt in general. Salt influences cellular water retention. Don't try to completely omit salt because we need it! But if you salt the crap out of your food or use lots of salty condiments, consider that this may be causing unwanted water retention.
    5. Drink plenty of WATER. Drinking more water may initially cause some fluid retention, but over time, it will help flush your body of excess waste and fluid.

Develop strong abdominal muscles through exercise... and uncover them in the kitchen!



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