Why Can't I Stop Eating?


You are probably a relatively successful human being, right? You probably graduated high school. You may have attended college. You're likely holding down a good job. You're probably raising happy, well-adjusted, and healthy kids.

So how is it that you can't seem to lose the weight? Why do you feel constant cravings and hunger? Why can't you just stop eating? Are you just a lazy slob who wants to sit around and eat cheeseburgers all day?

That's what our government and the three BIGS (big food, big pharmaceuticals, and big agriculture) have brainwashed you into believing. They would love to have you believe that YOU are personally responsible. They want you to believe that getting fat and sick is YOUR fault, and that YOU are a gluttonous pig who just can't stop eating.

They tell us that the solution is simple: just exercise more and eat less.

That's great, except for one tiny problem: over 60% of the American diet is made up of chemically engineered, hyper-palatable, and highly ADDICTIVE foods.

Changes in the brain's reward system are almost identical whether caused by drugs or sugar.

Changes in the brain's reward system are almost identical whether caused by drugs or sugar.

Our brains are hard-wired to seek pleasure and we are biologically programmed to eat as much fatty and sugary foods as we can to avoid starvation. This is basic human biology. The BIGS know this. So they hire food scientists, chemists, and neurologists in an effort to create pseudo-foods that maximally trigger your brain's reward centers. This keeps you coming back for more and more. It's a great business plan that makes them billions of dollars...with dire health consequences for us.

We are told (by the BIGS and by BIG-funded government agencies like the FDA and USDA) that Coke and Swiss Cake Rolls are okay "in moderation" and can be a part of a "healthy diet". YOU just need to learn to control yourself.

But willpower never trumps biology. Remember, we are hardwired to overeat sugary and fatty foods. It's a survival instinct. And it's not fair that Big Food has taken advantage of this by creating hyper-palatable and addictive foods that now make up 60% of the average American diet. So to say that we should simply eat less and exercise more goes against our very biology and puts the blame where it does not belong.

Let me ask you this: Is a "moderate" amount of cocaine okay for a recovering addict? Of course not! We don't blame the drug addict. And we don't tell her that it's okay to shoot up "every now and then". You know, everything in moderation, right?

So how do you know if you are addicted to food? Hint: if you clicked on the link to read this article, you probably already know deep down whether or not you are. But go ahead and take the quiz below to determine if you are addicted to processed foods.

Food Addiction Quiz.png

If you answered yes to more than a few questions, don't despair! You are not alone! Millions of people all over the world are now struggling with food addiction as a result of having 24/7 access to hyper-palatable foods that hijack our taste buds, our brains, and our biology.

How do you beat this addiction to food? The same way drug addicts get off of drugs like cocaine and heroin: 100% abstinence and detox. You must reboot your body to its "factory settings". The good news is that this can be done in as little as 14 days with the right program and plenty of support!

This November, I'm very excited to be piloting a 14-Day Whole Body Reboot in my current Six Months to a New You group, with plans to offer it publicly in January of 2018.

This comprehensive program is not a crash diet. It is designed to show you first-hand how quickly your body can heal and how quickly you can kick your food addiction. You will reset your metabolism, break free from cravings, and lose weight -- up to 10 pounds in 14 days. This program will be nothing short of transformational, and my hope is that you will learn so much and feel so good, that you'll continue with your rebooted system long after the 14 days is done!

Just give me 14 days. Are you in?

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Stay tuned for next week's blog where I will cover some tips on kicking your addiction!

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