Banish Your Cravings!

Banish Your Cravings

You probably already know that excessive consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates can lead to fat gain. What you may not know is that your fat cells (especially the ones around your midsection) can actually CAUSE your cravings and cause you to eat more!


The fat cells that accumulate around your midsection are actually different from the ones in other areas of the body. Belly fat cells produce their own hormones that increase hunger! In addition, these hormones also appear to stimulate further fat cell development around the midsection, which creates a vicious cycle of excessive hunger, overeating, extra fat production, more hunger….you get the point.

If you always feel hungry, crave carbs and sugar, experience lots of energy dips, and have a “spare tire” around your midsection, this could be the explanation! And when your belly fat cells are hungry, it’s not likely you’ll be reaching for the kale and carrots!

So how do you break out of this vicious cycle? I won’t lie and tell you it’s easy. I won’t try to sell you some supplement or product that promises to banish your cravings or help you lose belly fat. There is none available. (If there was, we'd all be thin, healthy, and happy!)


But I do know how to help you begin to exterminate your cravings and get rid of the belly fat. Read on for a few of my tips on banishing cravings and belly fat.

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My typical breakfast.

My typical breakfast.

Three tips for breaking the vicious cycle of cravings and fat storage:

  • Skip carbohydrates at breakfast. We’ve all been taught that eating a carb-rich breakfast will energize our day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but don’t let the marketing ploys of the processed food industry fool you any longer! So-called “breakfast” foods like cereal, toast, muffins, pastries, waffles, and pancakes spike your blood sugar, turn off your body’s ability to burn fat, and lead to energy crashes and cravings!
  • Eat fibrous vegetables…and eliminate fruit from your diet…for at least a few weeks. I know, I know! “Eat more fruits and vegetables” is what my doctor said. She really meant eat more vegetables. Yes, fruit is healthier than processed sweet foods. But from the standpoint of belly fat storage and energy crashes and cravings, fruit is not your friend. The biggest offenders: bananas, pineapple, mango, and grapes. Bottom line: if you are struggling with cravings and you are overweight, reduce consumption of fruit.
  • Drink water. What I really mean here is STOP DRINKING SUGAR. Does my advice on this really surprise anyone? If you drink your calories you might as well put a sugar IV directly into a vein and add a bright neon sign to your fat cells that reads “open for storage”.

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