Life Hacks For Weight Loss

If fat loss is your goal, work smarter instead of harder!

We already know we need to eat well and move our bodies to lose fat and get healthy…but exercising and eating right is hard work! We’re often stressed, busy, and surrounded by nutrient-poor and super-palatable foods.

Whether the goal is fat loss or just getting healthy, having an exercise and eating plan that fits your life is essential! (Need help with a diet and exercise program? The next round of my Jump Start to Fat Loss begins on May 8th! Click here for details!)

But what if there were a few “tricks” that are super simple to incorporate into your life that could help you eat less and move more - without even thinking about it? 

A few things to try at home:

1.      Turn on the lights. Candlelit dinners are romantic, but the Buddha belly you get from eating too much pasta…not so much! You may not be able to change the lighting in a restaurant, but you can make sure your own dining room table is well lit. Studies show people eat less if the lighting is brighter.

2.      Use a step tracker. These genius little devices are worth the little bit of extra expense! It is extremely motivating to see your daily step totals and make your “goal”. There are also tons of online “step communities” where people challenge and support each other, and engage in friendly step competitions. Apart from formal exercise sessions, making sure you are moving throughout your day is incredibly important to reaching your health and fat loss goals. If you think three 45-minute workouts per week will undo the damage of sedentary lifestyle, you are sorely mistaken!

3.      Keep your serving dishes in the kitchen…not on the table. If the food isn’t readily available and in plain sight on the table, you are less likely to help yourself to seconds!

4.      Use an adjustable desk. If you have a desk job or spend lots of time on a computer, invest in an adjustable desk that easily allows you to go back and forth from sitting to standing. Changing your position throughout the day will help you burn a few extra calories, keeps your blood moving, and prevents body imbalances associated with sitting.

5.      Eat from salad plates. The average plate size today is about 12 inches. In the 1950’s it was only nine inches! Size does matter! Eating from a smaller plate “tricks” the brain into believing there is more on the plate because it takes a smaller amount of food to fill the plate. It is human nature to want to fill up the extra space on a plate. If this is true, it makes logical sense that it will take more food to fill a larger plate. Using smaller plates will help you eat less and will satisfy the “primitive” side of your brain!

6.      Take a 15 minute walk after dinner. You don’t even have to work up a sweat…you just need to move after the biggest meal of the day. Fifteen minutes of movement after a meal has been shown to reduce the insulin response to that meal, helps with digestion, and you’ll burn a few extra calories. Some studies have shown that a post-meal walk helped people lose more weight than walking at other times.


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